RFID VS Barcode: Which One Is Better for Your Business

RFID VS Barcode

RFID and barcodes are two of the most commonly used methods for tracking objects. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, making it difficult to decide which one is better for your business. Here, we look at the pros and cons of RFID and barcodes, and we help you decide which one is better for […]

RFID Access Control Bracelets for Event

RFID Access Control Bracelets For Event

If you’re an event organizer, you know that security is of utmost importance. One way to ensure security is to use RFID access control bracelets. These bracelets use radio frequency identification technology to identify each individual and verify their eligibility to enter the event.Not only does this provide peace of mind for you and your […]

How to Choose LF EM Series RFID Chip? EM4100? EM4200? Or EM4305?

How To Choose LF EM Series RFID Chip

EM chip refers to a contactless RFID chip that supports read/write functions. It is a product of EM Microelectronics of Switzerland, and it operates at 100 kHz- 150 kHz. The chips conform to ISO 11784/11785 and ISO FDX/B standards. As such, they have a wide range of applications, including animal identifications, access control, and logistics […]