RFID Blank Cards

Standard white CR80 size RFID cards (85.5*54mm) with a 0.76mm thickness. Contain RFID inlay that transmit data to a host system for access control, asset tracking, customer loyalty, and more.


RFID blank cards are white and you cannot see anything on the surface, but there is an RFID chip inside it that brings them the power of RFID technology. There are three different frequency chips: LF (125 kHz), HF (13.56 MHz), UHF (860-960 MHz). How to choose the RFID chip depends on where you will use and what you need it to do.

Application of RFID Key Fob

Key fobs are used for several applications, including access control, vehicle identification, and inventory tracking. Here’s a detailed analysis of these applications:

Access Control

This is the most common use for RFID key fobs. It is embedded with an RFID chip containing a unique ID number.

When the fob is scanned, the reader captures the ID and sends it to a control system, which unlocks the door.

Additionally, companies can use RFID key fobs to segregate employees into different areas of the workplace. For example, a company might have a secure area that is only accessible to employees with a specific fob.

Such places contain sensitive information or equipment that should not be accessible to everyone. This boosts accountability and security by ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter these areas.

Vehicle Identification

RFID key fobs can be used for vehicle identification. The fob can be embedded with a chip that contains the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the car.

When the fob is scanned, the reader captures the VIN and sends it to a computer or control system. This information can then be used to track the car’s movements and whereabouts.

This is especially useful for stolen vehicles. If a thief attempts to steal a car, the police can use the RFID key fob to track its location.

Inventory Tracking

RFID key fobs can also be used for inventory tracking. The fob can be embedded with a chip that contains the product’s code.

When scanned, the reader captures the code and sends it to an RFID software system. This information is then used to track the movement of specific products.

This is useful for high-value items, such as jewelry and pharmaceuticals. It ensures that the inventory is properly tracked and accounted for at all times.

People also ask

RFID cards are used for a variety of applications, such as contactless payments, access control, and time and attendance tracking.

Yes, you can use your RFID card to pay for goods and services. NFC-enabled cards are accepted by many merchants globally.

The maximum read range of an RFID card depends on the type of chip that is used. HF and UHF chips have a read range of up to 10 meters, while LF chips have a read range of up to 10 centimeters.

Yes, RFID card data is secure. The technology uses a variety of security measures, such as encryption and authentication, to protect the data.

You can get an RFID card from a variety of sources, such as your bank or the transport authority. You can also purchase them online from retailers that sell electronic tickets.

RFID cards and NFC cards are similar in that they both use radio waves to communicate with readers. However, NFC cards are limited to a range of 10 centimeters, while UHF RFID cards have a read range of up to 10 meters.

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