Small RFID Tags

The evolution of RFID tags has led to the development of small RFID tags. The manufacturers design these tags for applications where size is a critical consideration, including tracking high-value items.

small rfid tags

Small RFID tags are available in both active and passive formats. Active tags include a battery that powers the tag’s circuitry, while passive tags derive power from the reader.

They are available in several shapes and sizes, including disc-shaped, pill-sized, and square-shaped tags. Some tags are even small enough to be concealed inside a product. The read range for small RFID tags varies depending on the tag’s design and the environment in which it is used.

Application of Small RFID Tags

  • Human Implantation 

Some RFID tags are so small as to be implantable in human beings for identification purposes. The VeriChip, for example, is an RFID tag that can be implanted beneath the skin. It stores a unique ID number that can identify the individual carrying it.

The use of small RFID tags for human implantation is still in its early stages, and the long-term effects of carrying an RFID tag beneath the skin are not yet known.

However, the potential applications of this technology are vast. Researchers have suggested that human implantation could eventually be used for medical record-keeping, access control, and even payment systems.

  • Animal Tracking

These tags can be implanted beneath the animals’ skin, where they remain for the animal’s lifetime.

This way, you can identify and track animals even if they are lost or stolen. Animal tracking is significant in the following ways: the tracking of endangered species, the monitoring of livestock, and the identification of pets.

  • Asset Tracking

RFID tag for asset tracking is a common application for passive RFID tags, which are small enough to be concealed inside of an item.

You can use the tags to monitor the location and status of high-value items, such as equipment, tools, and inventory. Additionally, it can track the movement of items through a supply chain.

RFID tags are well-suited for this application because they can be read without contact, eliminating the need to open and inspect each item. This makes the tracking process faster and more efficient.

Additionally, the tags are so small that they do not interfere with the item’s function or appearance.

People also ask

The world's thinnest & smallest RFID tag measures approximately 0.05 x 0.05 millimeters. It is so thin that it is embeddable into human skin without being detectable.

The world's smallest RFID reader is about the size of a grain of rice (1 inch in diameter x 0.1-inch thickness). It can be embedded into numerous devices, including cell phones, tablets, and laptops.

Small RFID tags have a variety of applications, including human implantation, animal tracking, asset tracking, and inventory management.

RFID tags work by emitting radiofrequency waves detectable by an RFID reader. The tags can be either active or passive, and the read range varies depending on the tag's design and the environment of use. 

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